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is specially significant. he's about to become a united states citizen. >> i can't begin to express how overwhelming that is and able to participate as well in the inauguration and just fortifies the fact that i am a american and i'm proud to be one. ♪ america, america ♪ >> beautiful voices, what a choir! "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> gretchen: and it is monday, good morning, everybody, it's inauguration day, it's january 21st, check your calendars, i'm gretchen carlson, thanks for taking part with us. and he's taken the oath and now he's addressing america, president obama, and thousands swamp to capitol hill to hear what he has to say. we'll have a preview. >> steve: imagine being on the plane and the tires are out. and we'll tell you where and what happened coming up. >> brian: all right, this super bowl won't be about the quarterbacks, at least on the buildup, it will be about the coaches. they are brothers, who are just about a year apart. you do the math. talk about a family feud, they can have fun now, and go to battle in two weeks, because "fox & fr
. a scary landing for passengers on board a united express flight coming into newark airport in new jersey. the planes tires blew and veered off the runway into the taxi way. there were about 13 people on at the time and no one hurt. no word what caused the tires to blow. the al-qaeda linked group behind the algerian crisis is threatening similar attacks in countries that support france's military operation in mali. >> during the four-day standoff terrorists called the algerian tv station, threatening to blow up the bp gas plant and kill american hostages. there are reports that terrorists tied to al-qaeda worked at the plant and gave them detailed knowledge of the facility and one survivor says the terrorist spoke english and tried to lure him out of hiding and he made a break for it. >> and you don't know, and we knew that the terrorist the security forces, that was at huge decision. >> gretchen: at least 20 workers are still unaccounted for, including some americans. a massachusetts busted with tam erring with drug evidence at a lab. sonya farik accused of swapping cocaine and heroin sa
the following: >> i'm a united states senator. i'm a united states senator. [inaudible] >> hagel favored direct talks with iran and is one of two senators to vote against sanctioning iran. members of the senate armed services committee are questioning the president's choice. >> hagel, if confirmed to be secretary of defense, would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. not only has he said you should directly negotiate with iran, sanctions won't work, that israel must negotiate with hamas, an organization, terrorist group that lobbed thousands of rockets into israel. >> his defenders point to his two purple hearts in vietnam. >> hagel is a tremendous patriot and statesman, served incredibly in vietnam, served this country as a united states senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. why all the prejudging, i don't know. >> the senate officially rejected nine cabinet nominations since 1834. the last cabinet nominee rejected by the senate was john tower, nominee for secretary of defense in 1989. >>steve: we also know he was for
will the victims of sandy have to wait? even though congress can't agree, our congress is still united on one thing. football. today we're joined by two of our nation's greatest coaches. talk about notre dame facing alabama. "fox and friends" starts now. >>steve: hello there folks interested in the fiscal cliff on this second day. >>brian: why wouldn't they be. when you went to bed, john boehner served up two possibilities. one you could vote on the senate bill which passed overwhelmingly. two, the house might amend the senate bill and add a bunch of spending. he didn't have enough votes for that entree and in the end a whole bunch of republicans voted for the senate bill, although a whole bunch of republicans voted against the senate bill. it has passed. >>juliet: pretty amazing all the drama over the last 48 hours as opposed to nothing happening over the 48 years. let's take a breakdown. here's a look at how we break down the numbers. $622 billion is what we're seeing in new tax hikes, just $15 billion in spending cuts. we'll get more on that later. $1 spending cut for every $41 in tax hikes. tha
has been in talks with both united states and france, and we understand that the algerian government is now talking to tribal leaders that apparently do have ties to the terrorists. here's how the thing went down. there was a bus carrying american, british, norwegian french and japanese workers. that bus was ambushed by two armed men and two people were killed. they took off to the gas field and the total number of hostages remains unclear but reports say it ranges from 15 to 40, including 7 americans. >> they are a threat. they are a threat to our country. they are a threat to the world. and wherever they locate and try to establish a base for operations, i think that constitutes a threat that all of us have to be concerned about. >> the u.s. government is also calling this a terror attack. and this is the guy believed to be behind it all. his name is moqtar, a one-eyed veteran jihaddist with ties to al qaeda. he was apparently kicked out of the network because they say he was more interested in raising money than helping jihad. he earned the anymore neighboring the marlboro man. he
, the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. it's absurd. >>gretchen: but when the president was a senator in congress, he voted not to pay the bills. does that damage his credibility or does it matter at all now that he's president? >> a bombshell confession from lance armstrong admitting to oprah he was doping and he wasn't the only one keeping it secret. >> secret microphones installed on basketball players to make sure they don't trash talk on the court. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: we're like carmelo anthony right now because people have microphones on us to hear what we're going to say. >>eric: make sure we don't do trash talking during the breaks. crazy. >>gretchen: i don't know if it's crazy or not. i guess we'll debate it. it all stems from carmelo anthony and kevin garnett when they got into it. maybe this is a way to try to curb some of that trash talking which is essential if you're a basketball player. i understand. it's an essential part of the game nobody talks about. >>eric: when you start calling somebody's wife a serial, you have crosse
, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>steve: a new study found babies in the united states are watching too much television. yeah >> parents were like i think we saw that last thursday on date line. actually it was fry. whatever can bring parents together. >>brian: the television can be a great baby sitter for infants. >>steve: or your animals. right now how many dogs are watching? >>gretchen: dogs can't see the tv? dogs don't have 3-d vision. >>steve: dogs can't see the tv? remember that scene in the movie "skrooged" where the man said i've done studies and there are millions of pets out there and they are fascinated by television. >>gretchen: if you're a vet, e-mail us right now. can dogs see the tv screen. maybe they can in vegas where clayton is right now. there is more unveiled at the electronics show in vegas. he's back with cool toys. there was the phone yesterday. that was so cool, clayton. >> that was cool. i know what you're talking about, the dogs television channel. i haven't seen that here this morning. how about half a fork. this is a fork that claims to actually lose weight. it's
as a case report. but generally cyanide poisoning in the united states are pretty unusual. >>gretchen: the medical examiner says the man's body will be dug up. investigators are not saying who would have motive for the murder. >>> the accused dark knight killer will be back in court in a few hours. haunting new details about the colorado shooting were revealed. they include how he bought his movie ticket 12 days earlier. video shows him smiling as he entered the theater. >> you sit there, you look at a person. when you see there is no more humanity left anymore, you don't look at him as a esperson. >>gretchen: veteran officers fought back tears as they describe the scene inside the theater and how the room was silent except for the film which was still rolling. a.i.g. got $182 bailout from taxpayers, but word now the company may sue the government. the board meets today to decide if it will join a shareholder lawsuit claiming the government violated the fifth amendment which prohibits taking private property for public use without just compensation. shareholders say the bailout cost t
't be with us anymore, that clearly was overstated. it never was going todom pass. the united states had all sorts of issues in its own government. you didn't see double-dip recession in the u.s. think about before the u.s. election how many people said these companies are keeping trillions of dollars on the sidelines because they're worried about the u.s. how many people are keeping trillions of dollars on the sidelines because they're worried about uncertainty in china? china is more uncertain. two thirds of the world's growth comes from emerging markets. these are countries much more volatile. now the financial crisis finally in our rear-view mirror, we'll spend more time in there. >>eric: what the arab summer? arab spring, arab summer? >> we have a boom going on, offshore gas brazil and mexico. as a consequence, the down side in the middle east which is exploding, that will have less impact on the u.s. ironically the fact that it has less impact on the u.s. means the likelihood that things like the syrian war continues to mepastasize. >>eric: can we talk about washington politics. >> no
've learned the united nations is giving money to kuwait because iraq invaded it in 1990. the u.n. compensation commission paying another $1.3 billion for damages bringing the total so far to kuwait to $40.1 billion. the money goes towards damages to kuwait's oil fields and losses in production and sales. >>> he helped plan the brutal attack on museum buy that -- on mumbai. today he will learn his fate, being sentenced in a chicago courtroom for the three-day rampage. ten gunman attacked a crowded train station and the taj mahal hotel. prosecutors asking for a term of 30 to 35 years. that leaves open the possibility that he could one day go free. >>> reaction pouring in to letting women serve on the front lines. in a few hours defense secretary leon panetta will lift the military's ban on women serving in combat. >> i broke down and had muscle atrophy and weight loss at a much faster rate and noticeable rate than my male marines. >> i threw hand grenades and fired my m-16. i was ready for it. that was in the earl lip 1980's. >>alisyn: the ban has been in place since 1994. revers
of the executive branch which yes or noes foreign investments in the united states -- >>brian: they want you to fall prey to the headlines which says sold to the chinese to keep 1,000 jobs in michigan with the c.e.o. fired. the real story is the technology goes to china. >> the real story is it's another failure of the president's green energy policy, another waste of money. >>brian: we're showing we're in the 21st century, because the simulcast, i'll pretend to be on radio and you pretend to be on television. >> and mient view with emmitt smith was better than yours. >>brian: that was so wrong. >> steve is on my side. >>brian: hypocrisy alert, one of the biggest supporters of gun control uses his own armed body guards to shut down a reporter. watch. >> in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team? >> we'll get back to you. >>brian: jason mattera joins us next. man versus fitness? the most hilarious video the most hilarious video you'll see all day. when someone in my family gets the flu. fact: advil not only relieves body aches and pains that can come with the flu
on the house floor. for only the second time in american history. >> we the people, of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union to provide and maintain a navy, to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces. >> congress shall make no law remaining an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or of bridging the freedom of speech or of the press. >> steve: virginia congress led the effort and joins us live there washington. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. >> steve: it would seem to me that this -- it's only the second time in american history that you guys have done this because it would seem like as you kick off a new session of congress, it's essentially the owner's manual, how the country works. >> it absolutely is and leading up to the 2010 election, there was a lot of debate about how our government, the executive branch, legislative branch, even the courts were not abiding by the u.s. constitution. so i suggested to our leadership that we read the constitution at the beginning of that congress.
in the united states of america. credit agencies have been yelling at the prairie state officials to get their act together to conform out-of-control pensions crippling the states. stuart varney is here. this can't surprise you, can it? >> no. pension costs out of control that don't have the money to pay their obligations, and everybody knows it. the rating agencies know it, so they downgrade them. that means that when illinois comes to borrow money -- and they're going to try to borrow money in the next couple of days, maybe $500 million. >>steve: from who? >> anybody who will lend it to them. the people who will lend it to them, floating bonds, will say, wait a minute, we're not sure you can pay us back so we want more interest. pay us more interest to accommodate the risk. it is possible when they borrow this $500 million over the life of those bonds, the taxpayers illinois will have to shell out an extra $95 million over the life of those bonds. and it gets worse from there. >>brian: they only have themselves to blame? >> yes because they cannot come to an agreement on how to deal wi
where it showed the united states triumphing over the iranians, it was a pro-america film. and then he got a snub by the oscar folks. just like kathleen bigelow, who has in the past won one, but because her movie, "zero dark thirty," was pro-american, showing exactly what it took to finally get bin laden, do you think both those films are being punished by oscar because they're pro-american movies? >> i don't think so. i hear from they're both very good. ben affleck has done a terrific job. i even "argo." i think it's terrible he was snubbed. maybe this is just bemitting. maybe oscar need buzz. i think it's great he won. >> gretchen: i think it's interesting that there is a reason to maybe watch the golden globes and the oscars because maybe you don't see exactly the same winners and people get credited in different ways. >> the other thing is the golden globes have become bigger than they were. i think it's done an amazing job and nbc has done an amazing job of building it up. and i think the golden globes really have become much bigger than they were five or ten years ago. >> steve:
settled in the u.s. senate last night, the united states has technically fallen off the fiscal cliff as of now. the house has not voted and the president has not signed anything. why couldn't washington have solved this problem earlier? they have had it for over a year. did it have to be pushed to the very last second? i'm joined by debby dingle and ron myer. does it have to be done like this? >> i think all of us would like to see it not done like this, but i think the reality of what the tax increase would be to 100% of americans, i still think we're going to hear a lost static on the house side before you see that vote. it takes coming down to the wire, unfortunately, too much in washington to get the answer to occur. we're only punting. it's going to make march madness a new definition. >> the sequester has only been postponed for two months. does this process bother you, the fact that we got here and so far congressional approval is now down to something like 5%. wherever you go, people are upset and embarrassed by this. >> i think that the house should be pretty embarrassed for
in the united states occur since the assault weapons ban expired. >> vice president biden yesterday said the president is talking to attorney general holder about potentially issuing an executive order to restrict weapons with the hope of preventing gunmen from committing mass murder in the future, although he made clear it is not something that has been decided on yet. president obama has promised to take action to reduce what he called five days after the sandy hook shooting the -- quote -- "epidemic of gun violence that plagues this country every single day." although using such an executive order to do something is something he was not keen on during his first presidential campaign. >> i think that the issue of executive power and executive privilege is one that is subject to abuse. and in an obama presidency what you will see will be a sufficient respect for law and the coequal branches of government. >> jay sekulow from the american center for law and justice said last night there is no executive order the president canill override amendment to the constitution. meanwhile vice pres
of the united states. this network executive heard an article telling the president to pulverize and destroy republicans. you can go for their throats. we see him sunday with bob schieffer. we can't make this up. we'll review it only for you on "fox & friends." >>steve: it is the coldest day of the winter so far here in new york city. that is why it was a good decision to go indoors today. >>gretchen: you know even though i grew up in minnesota, i hate the cold weather. so let's pretend it is 90 degrees and go for it. >>brian: yesterday 600,000 people happy yesterday was a little warmer. it was at a minimum 800,000 shy from four years prior. the balls that followed, the parade that ensued. it's always a great day in america. >>gretchen: for me, beyonce. i see that you and i slept together again last night. >>brian: do you mean purple? >>gretchen: sure. let's do headlines. three americans were unfortunately killed in that deadly hostage crisis in algeria. seven americans did survive. one man from colorado managed to hide from the terrorists for two and a half days. he texted his wife about wh
she takes the fifth? >>steve: she could but she wants to be president of the united states. very cagey. she's going to be the last person to testify about this regarding this topic. she can line her testimony up with everything everybody else says. it will be interesting to see if we finally figure out and hear from those witnesses who were there, department of state employees who we haven't heard from so far. >>gretchen: it's so cold out, she'll be in the hot seat. here's a developing story. it's the biggest fire -- speaking of heat -- chicago has seen in years. nearly 200 fire fighters battling this massive warehouse fire in ten degree temperatures. part of the building collapse. it is a total loss. the building next door also caught fire. at one point there was concern chemicals inside could explode but fire fighters were able to keep that from happening. one fire fighter was hurt fighting the flames. >> late last night a magnitude 3.0 earthquake waking up hundreds of people. this was in irving, texas. the epi center 3 and a half miles east of dallas/fort worth airport. last septemb
critically important to us today. we have to be a united republican outpost in the house. that's the only branch of government we still have. and it's very important that we hang together. i used to say when i was a party chairman, we have to hang together so we don't hang separately. and it's more important than ever now. >>steve: absolutely. i want to share with you and our audience right now the results of a fox news poll wh-t president's attitude towards congressional republicans since this election. he's become 55% more confrontational people across america say. you're talking about he would like to take control of the house in two years. that would mean two more years of this super polarized situation in washington, d.c. i think people are sick of that. >> people are. but people are also sick of this run-away spending. there is a very recent fox poll that says 83% of the people in this country -- 83% think that spending is out of control. and it is. and it's in the u.s. house. and the republicans in that u.s. house, the only hope to try to stop this run-away spending and bring about
gitmo and transfer prisoners to the united states. >>> former new york city mayor ed koch back in the hospital, having a hard time breathing and talking because fluid built up around his lungs. koch was released saturday after being treated for a week. repeated hospitalizations are common for people battling fluid problems. koch will miss tonight's premier of a documentary, unfortunately, about his life. >>> the italian lawyer put in the slammer for steufg the steak house is off the meat hook. gradzio said chow to his debt paying a $208 tap in court. he was the guy who said he forgot his wallet at home in the hotel and couldn't pay his bill at smith and wo- llensky. sounds like he might not ge in too much trouble. he had the cash to pay, he just didn't have it there. >>brian: twa two weeks ago when mark rubio came to this couch and said i got this plan for immigration reform. and dick durbin said we've come together with a gang of eight with a plan for immigration reform and unveiled it yesterday. it seems there is a bipartisan push to get something done this year. >>steve: fou
? we're not able to message. by the way, we're not united in the most important things republicans stand for, which is restraining the growth of government? yeah, that's a problem. and under his leadership, i hope with eric cantor and others we can fix it. >>brian: there are some conservatives in congress who are angry at the speaker for the plan b thing, for the fiscal cliff, for -- because nobody wanted to raise taxes on anybody. but ultimately at the end of the day they had to do that. >>steve: let's face it. john boehner played the hand he has been dealt. ever since the november election he's had a lousy hand. >> he has not had an easy time of it. who would want that job to try to rangel all of the competing opinions in your party together? it's been very challenging for him. >>brian: you get a huge office and you get a big balcony so that is one of the huge advantages as opposed to a normal congressman. it is going to get easier for speaker boehner because he will not having looming tax cuts. in with two months when they have to revisit the fiscal cliff and then they have the
. she and her husband -- her husband frankie, rode for the united states postal service team. years ago they were in a hospital room in indiana where they heard talking to the doctor and lance admitted to the doctor, yeah, i took everything -- >>brian: when he was in the hospital bed in 1999. >>gretchen: for years he said she lied and so did her husband because there was another person in the room who backed him up and apparently did so under oath. here is his response to people like betsy who had come out before and said they knew he was actually doping. here's what he had to say about it. >> she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call, the confidential personal conversation. it was 40 minutes long. i spoke to frankie as well. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. >> okay. >> because -- because they have been hurt too badly. and a 40-minute conversation isn't enough. and -- >> yes, because you repeatedly characterized her as crazy, called her other horrible things. >> i did call her crazy. she would be okay with me saying this. but i'
years old. >>steve: a lot of good music. >> now i think we know why the president of the united states in his second inaugural didn't talk about the economic progress this country is making. because there isn't any. the fourth quarter g.d.p. gross domestic product number came out yesterday and it is the worst since the recession ended in 2009. the economy shrank for the first time. it fell at a .1% annual rate. that is not good. it's largely driven by big cuts in defense. >>gretchen: a lot of people were wondering if this president would actually be reelected based on the economic numbers that have been topsy-turvy over the last four years but argue arguably not good for the last four years. would people now look at his policies and this administration when these numbers came out? not if you're the president's spokesperson. here's who he says is to blame. >> our economy is facing a major headline which goes to your point, and that is republicans in congress. this is political brinksmanship of the kind that results in one primary victim, and that's american taxpayers, the american middl
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)